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The Future of Industrial Safety

LifeLOQ's innovations mitigate communication and awareness gaps behind industrial accidents with innovation.
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Our Story

Our founders have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, construction, utilities and oil and gas. They know what it is like to be in the line of fire and to assign teams to hazardous jobs. LifeLOQ grew out of frustration of seeing coworkers get injured due to outdated safety technology.

Our Vision

Industrial workers who put their life on the line every day deserve to come home whole at the end of the day. Processes and training are vital, but insufficient. LifeLOQ is committed to designing a growing portfolio of innovations that engineer away risks for our essential, diverse industrial workforce.


Our industrial safety solutions support communication/handoff and awareness that are the root cause of injuries and accidents. They are inspired by real cases and co-designed by end users to optimize adoption. Subscribe for notification of new products! We also provide custom solutions by request.

Who are we

The Patented Digital Lock Box

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Industrial Worker

Save Millions

Your contractor drives away without removing the lock from the lockout / tagout system. The additional downtime will cost $200,000 per hour. Then, you remember, your facility is using LifeLOQ! The contractor removes the lock remotely and the refinery can go back online! All activity is logged automatically and viewable on the web portal, saving even more on annual compliance tracking.

Radios Die. Workers Must Be Protected.

After the crew leader uses the OSHA-compliant lockout, tagout procedure, the key is stored in the patented LifeLOQ(TM) digital lockbox. The lead provides a passcode and phone number to all crew members.

The lead and crew members get notifications every time someone logs in or out via text message from any type of mobile phone, even in low coverage conditions. The lead can confer with the crew before releasing the key for an extra layer or safety and quality assurance.


The LifeLOQ digital lock box remains firmly closed until the very last worker is out of harm's way.

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How it works
Southern California Utility Manager

"Saving the life of one of our brothers or sisters, that alone is huge."

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2019 Showcase Finalist

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2022 LA Blue Accelerator


Featured Project


Industrial Mindfulness



Int'l Press on Mindfulness Tech distributed by LifeLOQ

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